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The Impact of Design on Customer Experience

What's all the fuss about Customer Experience? Is it another buzz word?

Join the Outfit crew and top-notch panelists for this intriguing discussion. We will approach Customer Experience from the ground up, explaining the fundamentals and then opening up the floor to wider questions.

Our expert panelists will offer insights around:

  • Understanding what CX is and is not
  • The role of CX in design
  • The impact of design consistency to CX in both brand and product
  • How internal teams can work together towards a better Customer Experience
  • Technology’s role in CX

In addition to these, we’ll offer some real world examples of great CX strategy in action and suggest some methods for measuring Customer Experience to improve your current practices.

Ale Wiecek

Ale Wiecek is the founder of Sqr One, a Brisbane-based Customer Experience Design studio dedicated to helping businesses design empathetic products, services and strategies.

Ale’s unique set of skills across marketing, omni-channel, digital transformation and creative thinking has provided her with the tools to support small to large organisations that want to be at the frontier of running a socially conscious, innovative and empathic business.

Ale, holds a MA in Marketing and a BA in Marketing and Communications, and has more than 16 years’ experience working for brands such as Siemens, OPSM, Microsoft and Bayer in Australia and the UK.

A mentor, a listener, a storyteller, a traveller, a mum, a wife and a consumer, and still (just) a millennial, Ale believes in the power of companies to being more empathetic while creating shareholder wealth.

Sqr One donates 25% of their profits to organisations that improve society via innovation and education.

Tom Uhlhorn

Tom Uhlhorn is the founder of Tiny, a Customer Experience (CX) Design and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) firm.

Tiny optimises client marketing ROI by increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through CX design and decrease their Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) through CRO.

Tiny's long-term vision is to implement AI and Machine Learning to make their services scalable and more accessible to organisations of all sizes.

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